With Telemedicine by CareATC, board certified physicians are available for primary care, pediatrics, sudden illness, and family medicine. Combined with our flagship clinical services, your workforce and their families will be prepared for anything.

More convenient than you think

Unlike other telemedicine options, CareATC secures highly specialized contracts that provide the convenience of no-cost visits for your employees and their family members. The result is higher utilization, and lower costs.

  • 24/7/365 anytime, anywhere access
  • Consultations via voice, video, email, and mobile devices
  • Online scheduling
  • Dedicated toll-free number
  • iOS & Android apps
  • Nationwide network
  • Board-certified physicians and licensed therapists
  • CareATC clinic integration
  • Medical record & patient portal integration

With a unique partnership between CareATC and MDLIVE, accessing quality medical care is easier than ever before.

Removing barriers to care

For organizations wanting to improve access to acute care, telemedicine by CareATC creates more opportunities to prevent illness, improve productivity, and reduce the overall cost of healthcare.

  • Members can access Telemedicine for non-emergency issues, helping to avoid unnecessary ER and urgent care visits.
  • When missing work isn’t an option, members can use Telemedicine to stay up and running.
  • Members who travel frequently can leverage Telemedicine, when a visit to their PCP isn’t possible.
  • When children need immediate care, Telemedicine providers are qualified and available.

More than Telemedicine

Because our worksite health solutions are fully integrated, you'll get more out of them as they work together.



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