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How Employers Can Get Ahead of the Coronavirus Curve

Posted by Kimberly Hutton on April 7, 2020

Employers around the country are looking for ways to mitigate the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. What if artificial intelligence can help?

At CareATC, we are leveraging our advanced machine learning capabilities to provide our clients the opportunity to use data insights to protect the most vulnerable. 

What We’re Doing 

We’re offering our partner employers an employee outreach program in which our specialized team of nurses initiate phone calls to those most at risk for a negative outcome, even before exhibiting symptoms, to provide that same education and support proactively.

We are providing these services at no additional charge to our employer partners and patients as part of our contribution to the nationwide efforts in this time of critical need.  

CareATC is HIPAA-compliant and does not reveal individual patient PHAs to external parties. What employers receive are aggregate reports to help them measure population risk. 

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How it Works

CareATC uses Jvion’s COVID Patient Vulnerability Lists to proactively intervene with high-risk patient populations. These advanced artificial intelligence processes identify patients who are most at risk for a severe course of COVID if infected and are primarily based on populations who are most at risk for ER utilization and inpatient hospitalization.  

“With the output from Jvion’s COVID-19 list, we’ve been able to proactively reach out to those patients in our population who are most vulnerable to COVID-19, while at the same time offering our employer clients the ability to mitigate the impacts of this disease on their population,” says Vickie Rice, VP of Strategic Analytics at CareATC. 

By pinpointing the highest risk populations, we can provide proactive steps to help reduce the risk for those individuals.

Empowering Our Providers 

The AI program is generating patient-level insights that consider a variety of risk factors, both clinic and socioeconomic, which will identify members at risk for COVID  morbidity and mortality and who should immediately change their behaviors to self-isolation practices.

Consistent with our practice of arming our healthcare providers with data and technology to provide proactive care to their patients, CareATC healthcare providers will have this data available so that if an at-risk patient has a virtual or in-person visit with CareATC, the provider can educate the patient on their risk factors and the right course of action for that patient.  

Where We Go From Here

Although specific science for predicting outcomes for COVID is still developing, this technology is using a combination of models built from nearly 30 million patient records and thousands of data points to identify patients at risk for poor outcomes and severe complications from an Influenza viral infection. 

The beauty of the machine learning process is that as patient records across the country start reflecting COVID cases and outcomes, the AI will become smarter and its predictions will become more exact.


Coronavirus Resources for Employers

Information is still developing on the novel coronavirus. We’ve created a resource center to help you navigate this unprecedented time. Learn more at https://www.careatc.com/covid-19.  

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