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The Doctor Will See You Now: CareATC Expanding Access to Care with Virtual Visits

Posted by Greg Bellomy on April 14, 2020

While the coronavirus is at the forefront of public health news, many patients still need access to acute care and support to manage chronic diseases. CareATC is meeting this need by extending hours and expanding access to primary care services with virtual visits 7 days a week from 7AM- 7PM CST. 

Care Continuity in the Time of Coronavirus

While many forms of American life are canceled or put on hold due to the coronavirus, CareATC is ensuring that access to primary care isn’t one of them. With virtual appointments, patients can securely meet with a CareATC provider in the comfort and safety of their homes.

“In a pandemic, it’s important that patients have full confidence that they will receive the medical care they need while sheltering in place,” said Scott Strickland, CareATC’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “So, we are not reducing our services and hours; we are expanding them.”

Virtual visits accomplish a number of important goals including safeguarding patient and provider health through social distancing, identifying potential COVID-19 cases, and ensuring continued care for acute and chronic diseases. Through expanded service and extended hours, patients can access the primary care they need with the providers they trust. 

Going Beyond Traditional Telemedicine

Unlike traditional telemedicine services, CareATC virtual visits begin at a pre-scheduled time so patients know exactly when to connect and who they will be connecting with; generally, their current provider who is familiar with the patient’s physical and mental health history. 

Just like a standard CareATC in-office visit, providers have ample time during a virtual visit to meet with patients to address immediate concerns, disease prevention and long-term plan of care. Clinic visits are granted only if a provider has determined that a patient needs an in-person appointment. If medication is prescribed, CareATC offers at-home delivery of prescribed medications through a partnership with Northwind Pharmaceuticals

Care isn’t limited to virtual visits. If a patient needs access to care after hours, CareATC is able to offer 24/7 telemedicine services. 

“For example, if a patient is needing after-hours acute care and uses our telemedicine partner, the encounter is logged within our electronic medical record system. If a patient then schedules a virtual visit, the CareATC provider can see the encounter, offer follow-up care and address additional needs during the visit,” said Stickland. “And with the added benefit of prescribed medications arriving directly to the patient’s home, it’s a complete and high-quality end to end patient experience without the patient having to leave home. Patients and providers are protected and continuity of care is ensured.” 

Promoting Public Health While Expanding Patient Care  

CareATC virtual visits not only support current public health efforts to assess and test patients for COVID-19 but also carry on the important function of access to care and care continuity. 

“With easier access to medical providers and medication, more of our patients are engaging with their healthcare benefits,” said Dr. Kimberley Hutton, CareATC’s Chief Medical Officer. “Since mid-March, we have conducted over 5,000 Telemedicine and Virtual Clinic consultations. We now have 400 to 500 patients a day.”

Patients can book a virtual visit on the CareATC app, website or by calling the Patient Access Center. If a patient needs to be seen in person, CareATC still offers in-office appointments. 


Coronaviurs Resources for Patients and Employers

Information is still developing on the novel coronavirus. We’ve created a resource center to help you navigate this unprecedented time. Learn more at https://www.careatc.com/covid-19.   

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