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15 Wellness Blogs to Follow in 2015

Posted by Tatiana Spears on December 30, 2014
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Whether you’re an ultra marathoner or weekend warrior, we could all use a little help from our blogosphere friends. Out of the many options out there, we’ve nailed down a few blogs that feature practical, engaging, and positive content to help you live a happy, healthy life. Whether you’re seeking to enhance your healthy lifestyle or embark on a new journey to wellness, here are 15 wellness blogs to follow in 2015.


1. Born Fitness

Tire-swinging, salmon-burger loving Adam Bornstein is a fitness editor, writer, and best-selling author. Among all the noise in the fitness industry, Bornstein helps simplify the process by presenting relevant, high-quality content focused on healthy living. Delicious recipes (Hello?! Yummy high-protein piña colada!), approachable fitness plans, and thoughtful advice (Check Out “Life Happens”) make this a blogging mainstay.

2. Fitnessista

Gina Harney knows that that being fit is always in style. As a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and weight loss specialist, Harney hosts a bevy of information on her site that empowers women to achieve fitness goals through comprehensive training. Master Weights 101? Check. Kick butt with high-intensity interval training? Harney has got you covered.

3. Tony Gentilcore

Boston-based Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Tony Gentilcore shares his passion for picking up things – really heavy things. His blog posts shed light on improving strength training for the iron-loving die-hards and newbies alike. When not charmingly titling posts Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work, Gentilcore is busy training top-level athletes or contributing to top fitness magazines.

4. Neghar Fonooni

Eat, Lift & Be Happy  is the brainchild of veteran, entrepreneur, and fitness expert, Neghar Fonooni. Believing in “eating mindfully, training intuitively, and living joyfully,” Fonooni shares healthy living tips that positively enlighten in a refreshingly genuine approach. From harnessing consistency to understanding the fundamental meaning of health, Fonooni’s content is sure to please.

5. The Roman Fitness Systems

Personal trainer, author, and unapologetically sharp, Josh Romaniello posts content that is as much entertaining as it is informative. The site is about seeking and developing fitness in every sense of the word; from mythology to muscle building, sex to science, and health to heroism. The latest gem? Defeating the Monday Mindset.


6. Fit Men Cook

Debunking the myth the that you have to eat boring, bland food to be healthy, Kevin Curry has built a community around healthy food ideas for men and women alike. Curry’s message is simple: our bodes are “built in the kitchen and sculpted in the gym.” From time-saving meal prep recipes to gourmet-inspired dishes, Curry’s approach is nothing short of inventive (and yes, savory).

7. Underground Wellness

Sean Croxton is passionate about holistic health and nutrition, featuring information on the five pillars of functional nutritional health: diet, hormones, digestion, detoxification, and immunity. Croxton’s blogs often features highlights of his podcasts, boasting a unique lineup of guests who share their knowledge, from going paleo to reducing stress.

8. Fit Foodie Finds

With a knack for photography, blogging, and a fierce love for food, yoga sculpt instructor, Lee Hersh, brings the best of these worlds to bring about Fit Foodie Finds. Occasional indulgences and nourishing recipes call this site home. Think there’s only one way to eat oatmeal? Think again. Craving Tex-Mex while trying to stay healthy? Boom. Fit Foodie Finds is sure to be your go-to guide.

9. Choosing Raw

You don’t have to be a hardcore vegan to enjoy a nutritiously rich plant-based diet. According to clinical nutritionist, Gena Hamshaw, choosing raw is a key step in boosting vitality and making empowered food choices. Whether you want to incorporate meatless meals or want to fully explore a raw, plant-based diet, this is a great place to start.

10. Running on Real Food

Salted Mocha Protein Bars, No-Bake Chocolate Coconut Protein Cookies, and Homemade Lemon Pie Larabars are just few delicious, whole food recipes Deryn Macey has concocted, putting all that other pre-packaged stuff to shame. While boasting a slew of nutritious snacks, dishes, and drinks, the site also features workouts and lifestyle posts to inspire healthy living.


11. Mind Body Green

Offering a wealth of (you guessed it) mind, body, and green living advice, this site’s content is as practical as it is inspiring. Because health means so much more than how much you life or how many blueberries you eat, ancillary topics such as relationships, finances, stress, spirituality, and overall mental health are addressed by a slew of experts.

12. The Change Blog

While initially focused on the personal story of creator, Peter Clemens, The Change Blog is now a community driven site publishing stories from people of all walks of life. Topics are related to personal change and include categories such as change, confidence, fear, and happiness. For a positive dose of inspiration, make this a daily stop.

13. Pick the Brain

Taking a holistic approach to self-improvement, Pick the Brain focuses on personal productivity, motivation, self-education, psychology, and philosophy. Over 200 bloggers contribute to the site offering a wide array and richly varied self-improvement resource.

14. Finder Minds

With a parent company that develops knowledge products, media platforms, community events and movement that help in the areas of personal growth, entrepreneurship, lifestyle applications, and continuous education, Finder Minds is bound to keep growing as a central personal growth site. Curated content featuring the likes of Dr. Brene Brown and even Jim Carrey make this a great place to flex your personal development muscle.

15. TED

A nonprofit devoted to spreading ideas, TED (acronym for technology, entertainment, and design) offers brief, brilliant talks now nearly on every topic imaginable. The TED blog also offers a wealth of engaging resources that are thought-provoking and incredibly inspiring. Check out the non-cheesy guide to gratefulness.

There you have it! A list of some pretty great blogs to get you started (or back on track). Interested in more resources to improve health? Explore CareATC®’s own Improving Health blog.

Have a favorite health, fitness, or wellness blog? Share below!

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