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3 Types of Exercises to Help Prevent Osteoporosis

Posted by Hunter Allen on March 10, 2016

3 Types of Exercises to Help Prevent Osteoporosis | Hunter Allen | Improving Health blogOsteoporosis is one of the most serious and common diseases amongst the older population today with the expected prevalence to rise greatly within the next few years. 

The disease is characterized by a significant decrease in bone mineral density (BMD) which leaves those affected at risk of fractures as a result of weakened bones.

As of right now there is no effective cure for the disease. However, prevention through diet and physical activity is the best treatment. So to help you protect yourself from the Osteoporosis, here’s some exercise types that have shown to improve balance, coordination, and promote bone growth.

1. Balance and Flexibility Exercises 

Exercises such as yoga and tai chi have been scientifically proven to fight against Osteoporosis by improving mobility leading to reduced risk of fall fractures. These exercises consist of gradual movements that require balance and core stability going from one position to the next.

Exercises that improve posture, balance, and flexibility should be done as often as possible.

2. Body Weight Aerobic Activity

Activities that require you to be on your feet such as brisk walking, jogging, jumping rope, and climbing stairs not only help strengthen muscles and improve coordination, but they have also been shown to improve bone density in the legs, hips, and low back.

You should accumulate 30 minutes a day for 5 days every week of aerobic exercise.

3. Free Weight Muscle Strengthening

Free weights include dumbbells, kettlebells, and weight plates. These types of exercises are beneficial for muscle strength and endurance and promote bone growth throughout the body via the mechanical load demands being placed on bones.

By talking to a personal trainer at your local gym you can gain the proper knowledge and techniques to perform these exercise types safely.

Muscle-strengthening exercises should be done 2-3 times each week.

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