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Seven Healthy Holiday Gifts to Give this Season

Posted by Mairead Callahan, RDN, CPT on December 20, 2017

Looking for a last minute holiday gift for a friend or loved one? Consider gifting something that can help them jump start their New Year in better health! The New Year is the perfect time to reset your habits and find the motivation to change. The following seven gifts will be certain to help!  

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12 Quick and Easy Ways to Reset and Destress

Posted by Mairead Callahan, RDN, CPT on December 20, 2017

Feeling overwhelmed at work? Stressed about your to-do list? Concerned about meeting deadlines? Use these 12 quick and easy ways to reset yourself during the day.

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Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Posted by Mairead Callahan, RDN, CPT on December 6, 2017

Vitamin D is not only essential for bone health, but could also protect against colds and help to improve your mood! The good news is that most people get enough Vitamin D, but it is always a great idea to make sure you are meeting your requirements.

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Five Ways to Think Positive for Good Health

Posted by Mairead Callahan, RDN, CPT on November 29, 2017

 Positive thinking helps to control stress and improve overall health. Researchers continue to look into the effects of positive thinking on health, but as of now they believe it could increase life span, lower rates of depression, decrease stress, and reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Here are five quick ways to help you move towards more positive thinking!

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Five Nutrients that Naturally Boost Your Mood

Posted by Mairead Callahan, RDN, CPT on October 25, 2017


Did you know that your diet can help to improve your mood?! Research has shown certain nutrients have beneficial effects on mental health.  Focus on including some of these five natural mood-boosting nutrients in your meals this week!

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an antioxidant proven to prevent cell damage. Free radicals are naturally produced by our bodies and unfortunately, damage our cells. Antioxidants work hard to protect against these free radicals! The brain is at risk for this cell damage, just like any other organ in our body. Consuming foods high in vitamin C such as oranges, kiwi, peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, and broccoli can help to keep brain cells healthy.

B Vitamins

Low levels of folate and B12 in the diet have been linked with depression. The science of the relationship is not fully known, but many research studies have found this correlation. Following a healthy diet that contains dark green vegetables, legumes, and fish can help to ensure you are getting enough B vitamins.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Low consumption of omega-3 fatty acids has also been associated with higher rates of depression. Many foods that contain B vitamins, also contain omega-3 fatty acids. Great fatty acid sources include anchovies, salmon, tuna, flaxseed, walnuts, and dark green leafy vegetables.


Carbohydrates not only provide brain power, but also have been found to elevate moods! This elevated mood is attributed to the increased presence of serotonin. Higher levels of serotonin in the body have been associated with carbohydrate consumption. Remember to choose healthy carbs such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes. 


Proteins high in the amino acid tryptophan have also been associated with serotonin production. Having protein with your carbohydrate can help keep your energy level and your mood high. Turkey, chicken, cheese, yogurt, fish and eggs are all great sources of protein that contain tryptophan.

Changing your diet is just one way you can support your mental health! Practicing mindfulness, meditation, exercise, and a healthy diet is the recipe to success when it comes to regulating your moods.


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Five Teas to Tame Stress

Posted by Mairead Callahan, RDN, CPT on October 10, 2017

Did you know that a nice cup of tea could decrease your stress level? Herbal teas have been used as a stress relief aid for centuries. They are a healthy way to calm your nerves when you are over worked and stressed out. Stress relieving teas help bring the body’s stress levels back to normal. Try a cup of one of these stress relieving teas tonight!

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Top Reasons to Take a Hike!

Posted by Mairead Callahan, RDN, CPT on July 19, 2017

Summer is the perfect time to start exploring local trails. Grab a friend (human or canine) and take a hike! Hiking is not just a fun outdoor activity, it is also a great workout with many health benefits. Here are a few great reasons why you should go hiking this weekend.

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Three Yoga Poses to Start Every Morning

Posted by Mairead Callahan, RDN, CPT on July 15, 2017

How you start your day can influence how you think, feel, and act the rest of the day. Start your day with a short peaceful, positive, and centering yoga practice. You do not need to make it to the studio and practice for a full hour to benefit from a daily yoga. Start every day with these three simple poses and you will be more centered, more open, and physically healthier. Repeat each pose 5 times and you will feel great starting your day.

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Do you have a Mantra?

Posted by Mairead Callahan, RDN, CPT on July 12, 2017

In the hustle of today, it is too easy to get lost in mundane tasks, tight deadlines, and stressful schedules. The practice of repeating mantras is like a mini-meditation to bring you back to a state of clarity and awareness. Mantras can sharpen mental focus, develop clarity, reduce stress levels, and promote healing, harmony, patience, or peace. Practicing a mantra allows you to become present with whatever challenge or resistance you may be facing, stay completely aware of yourself and your surroundings, and stay confident and positive.

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Weight Loss: Small Changes, Big Results!

Posted by Mairead Callahan, RDN, CPT on July 1, 2017

You will be surprised how decreasing a few calories here and there can contribute to huge weigh loss over time. Cutting 100 calories a day translates into a 10-pound weight loss over a year, cutting 200 calories a day leads to a 20-pound weight loss in one year!

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