Inspire better health with information that comes to life.

Drive action with video.

PHA Live is a video-based personal health assessment (PHA) summary that brings excitement and clarity to personalized lab results. A custom video built for each employee provides an easy-to-understand summary of their most important lab values.

Faster results with better engagement.

Engagement with video is 600x more effective than print or direct mail. Which is why we’ve harnessed the power of video to view personal lab results.

With PHA Live, we’ve created a way to automatically generate a customized, video-based solution that dramatically increases employee engagement and significantly reduces lab result turnaround time.


Video that renders you speechless.

Our cutting edge approach uses unique algorithms to match patient lab results with corresponding video, automatically producing a one-of-a-kind experience. And with over 15,000,000,000,000,000 (yep, that’s quadrillion) possible permutations, each video will be totally original.


Actionable information, accessible anywhere.

PHA LIVE is available within the CareATC Platform and Mobile App, automatically optimized for every device, operating system, and web browser.

And with the ability to report digital engagement, you’ll know exactly how many employees have accessed results.


A virtual first in population health management. 

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