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More Than a Model - a Movement

The mark of every successful organization is putting people and their health first. But relying on today’s healthcare system can make this commitment challenging. CareATC makes it possible through smart, scalable population health management.

Smarter Population Health Management

We leverage evidence-based medicine within a fully integrated population health management ecosystem. The result is better information leading to better outcomes.


Uniquely Designed to Fit the Needs of Your People

Our model leverages evidence-based medicine within a fully-integrated population health management ecosystem. The result? Better information leading to better outcomes. Here’s how it works:



Assess the Health Risk of Your Members

Data is how we identify and reduce risk. It’s how we empower employers to drive prevention, intervention, and wellness. We accomplish this through an aggregate assessment of employee health and help you prioritize wellness efforts.



Engage Members with Wellness Tools and Support

Next, we make population health data actionable. We help you design a wellness program that makes sense for your population and engages employees to stay connected to their health.



Amplify Efforts with Access to Primary Care

Employer-sponsored primary care does what nothing else can – give employees access to the quality care they need at the convenience they want. Through an on-site or near-site clinic, you can fully optimize employee health and sustain healthcare cost savings – at no cost to the employee.


Better Outcomes.
Lower Plan Costs.

Imagine defying national healthcare cost trends while optimizing employee health. By shifting the focus from reactive to proactive care, employers can finally make this a reality.

Case Studies

Your People. Our Mission.

Imagine defying national healthcare cost trends while optimizing your health system. Across the county, forward-thinking organizations discover what a bold shift in employer-sponsored care can mean for their members and their competitive advantage. Take the first step with an experienced, reliable partner.

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