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Since 2000, we’ve helped hundreds of employers take control of their healthcare costs by improving the health of their workforce.

Our services at a glance

Medical Clinics

By eliminating barriers to quality care, employees are able to take ownership of their health and address medical needs before they become financially burdensome.

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Health Assessments

Our Personal Health Assessments don’t just measure current health status; they go a step further by conveying an important message for a healthier lifestyle.

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Disease Management

Fully customizable, our Chronic Disease Management programs address the problem and empower patients to take ownership of healthy lifestyle choices.

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Care Compliance

Care Compliance is a proprietary process that promotes patient consistency and increased utilization through personal and professional accountability.

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Breakthrough analytics and reporting

Our proprietary analytics offer outstanding detail regarding program performance
and what actions are needed to further improve results.

How we do it

There’s a better way to reduce healthcare costs. We’ll show you how.



Your workforce probably isn’t as healthy as you’d like them to be. This isn’t news to you. Neither is the fact that poor health always results in higher costs. Over 80% of health care costs can be attributed to lifestyle. The good news is that lifestyles can be changed, but not without a new approach.

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About CareATC®

Initially launched as a pilot program in 1998, CareATC® was formed with one mission in mind: To help employers save money on healthcare by improving the health of their employees. After receiving resounding success, CareATC® was spun out of Healthcare Solutions Group, a well-known TPA with over 35 years of experience.

Today, CareATC® provides customizable healthcare solutions for employers including On-site & Shared-Site Medical Clinics, Biometric Personal Health Assessments, Chronic Disease Management, Proprietary Care Compliance, Population Risk Analysis, and more. By bringing the patient and provider closer together, CareATC® is helping hundreds of thousands of people experience healthcare like never before.

Our Mission:

At CareATC, we help employers save money on healthcare by improving the health of their workforce.

Our Method:

Through physician-led primary care, we engage your workforce by promoting health, preventing disease, and providing a shorter path to care.

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