Build a Healthier Workforce

We've re-created the healthcare experience to drive more engagement, better outcomes, and lower plan costs.

Happier, Healthier Members

CareATC is a population health management company that empowers you to inspire healthier, happier employees and reduces your healthcare spend. We have the proven programs and technology to help you create an exciting wellness culture that works wonders for your workforce.

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A Remarkably Different Approach

We do things differently - and that’s the whole idea. Our proven model delivers increased access to quality care, industry-leading wellness programs, and super-friendly technology that drive better health and lower costs.


Primary Care

In our nationally recognized clinics, your people will get to develop meaningful relationships with personable providers that actually improve lives.


Wellness & Coaching

We’ll design an amazing wellness program just for your culture, promote engagement, and even implement the incentives. We handle it all.


Technology & Analytics

Our unique technology platforms improve clinical decision-making, drive better experiences, and give you immediate insights into your population’s health and costs.

Boost Your Benefits Plan

CareATC is a brilliant supplement to your existing benefits plan that energizes its effectiveness. Your health insurance is still there for the big stuff – but as your workforce health improves with our ultra-accessible, proactive medical care and wellness programs, costs trend down while engagement soars.

Employees feel valued. CEOs love the numbers. And HR managers win kudos for making it all happen. With better health and lower costs, everyone wins.

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What Happens When You Remove Traditional Barriers to Care?

Discover how The City of Tampa successfully improved health outcomes, increased employee engagement, and lowered health care costs–within a year.

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  • “CareATC is such a reversal from the previous healthcare trend. And because they’ve helped our budget and, even more importantly, our members to thrive, I recommend them to every business owner I see.”

    Kenny Burkett

    President, American Waste Control, Inc.
  • “We truly value CareATC’s unwavering commitment to the personal health of our team members and their families which is evident in the medical staff in our wellness center.”

    Laurie Graves

    Director, People Systems, The Bama Companies
  • You can imagine my surprise when I learned that costs per participant came in 21% below the previous year.

    Frank W. Murphy III

    President/CEO, Enovation Controls
  • “CareATC is the VERY BEST of onsite/near-site clinic organizations.  They offer the next stage of delivering healthcare to employees and their dependents - with a clear focus on HEALTH, not just healthcare.”

    Csaba Mera

    President, Mera Consulting, LLC
  • Be the Change

    We're a company dedicated to changing healthcare. Everything we do is defined by our passion for improving lives through a fusion of outstanding patient experience, superior access, and a dedication to quality – and our employees play the lead role in making that happen.

    Whether a healthcare provider, a clinic professional, or a member of our fast-paced corporate support team, at CareATC, you'll be busy doing stuff that really matters.

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