We've re-created the healthcare experience to drive more engagement, better outcomes, and lower plan costs.

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A Leader in Workforce Health

Since 2000, we've been helping employers take back control of their health plans by transforming lives with our distinctly proactive approach to workforce health.

We're changing healthcare, together

Forward-thinking organizations are discovering what a bold shift in healthcare strategy can mean for the well-being of their workforce, and their bottom line.

With CareATC as a partner, you can better understand and manage the health risk of your population, and significantly increase the value of your entire health plan.

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Our Solutions

Scalable Medical Clinics Designed to Improve Access & Outcomes

Solutions ClincOur primary care clinics provide employees and their families with comprehensive medical care designed to treat acute illness and manage chronic disease.

Our barrier-free model of care will identify and address health conditions that may otherwise go untreated.

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Personalized Biometrics Designed to Inform and Inspire

Solutions PHAThe CareATC Personal Health Assessment (PHA) is the baseline. It's the foundation for everything that we do.

This comprehensive biometric screening provides patients, medical providers, and employers with powerful information designed to kick-start their mission for better health and lower costs.

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A Fully Integrated Approach to Personalized Care Management

Solutions DiseaseCareOutreach improves how providers and clinical staff interact with our patients by extending medical support beyond the clinical environment.

Through the creation of a more patient-centric approach, we can better engage and further improve the health of your workforce and their families.

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Launching New Levels of Employee Health & Wellness Engagement

Wellness EngagementHealthPassport is a fully customizable wellness and incentive management platform designed to adapt to your company's brand and culture. 

Now, you'll be able to drive and automate your company's customized wellness strategy, while integrating with other healthcare initiatives.

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On-Demand Access to Healthcare – Anytime, Anywhere

MDLIVECareATC partners with MDLIVE to provide telephonic medical services to our patients and their families.

With Telemedicine by CareATC, your employees and their families will have 24/7/365 access to the nation’s largest network of board-certified physicians for Telemedicine services.

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Better health, Lower Costs

Better Health. Lower Costs. There's a natural order to this truth and promise on which CareATC was founded. Better health comes first, because people come first.

With over 15 years of experience, trust us when we say that something remarkable happens when you put your people first.

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Next Generation Patient Engagement

Next Generation Patient Engagement

Keeping patients engaged means everything. Our industry-leading patient portal and mobile app make it easier for members to stay connected.

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  • “CareATC has allowed us to expand and build on our current health plan. With their physicians taking care of our employees, we're able to move forward and look at the next thing that we can improve for them.”

    Brice Habeck
    Benefits Manager, QuikTrip Corporation

  • “The services that CareATC provides really align with our mission of people helping people be successful, and has become a part of our healthcare culture. The quality and trust are present in the relationships that they're building with our team members.”

    Lindsey Sage
    Manager of Health and Wellness, Bama Companies

  • “The most important thing about CareATC is the accessibility to care, which allows my employees to receive treatment at the very front end of their ailment, as opposed to somewhere in the middle or end. ”

    Brett Benton
    CEO, Quality Aircraft Accessories

  • “At CareATC, the providers are truly concerned about your whole health, and are motivated to keep our employees well. ”

    Gerald Garrett
    President, Tulsa Firefighters Health & Welfare Trust

  • “CareATC's approach to healthcare is innovative, it's different, and the best part is - it works! We knew that the clinic was working for us when we saw our employees and their families lining up to go see the doctor problems. We knew they were no longer being gone for days at a time – they were simply gone 30-45 minutes to see the doctor across the street, and then they were right back at work.”

    Paul Ross
    Vice President, American Waste Control

  • “My employees are generally seeing the same physician and nurses each time they go in. We use a clinic that is literally a mile from our business. Employees are not hesitant to go see the doctor anymore, whereas before it was a very painful process.”

    Hal Salsbury
    Owner, Bluestem Integrated

  • “CareATC is the one benefit that we absolutely, positively could not do away with right now, because our members would not let us! They have totally bought into it – they love the doctor, they love the way it is set up, and it has been a great program for us.”

    Sergeant John Adams
    Co-Chairman, Tulsa Police Health & Welfare Trust

Be the change

We're a company dedicated to changing healthcare. Everything we do is defined by our passion to improve lives through a fusion of outstanding patient experience, superior access, and a dedication to quality ‐ and our employees play the lead role in making that happen.

Whether a healthcare provider, a clinic professional, or a member of our fast-paced corporate support team, at CareATC you'll be busy doing stuff that really matters.

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