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Carah is a Product Manager here at CareATC. When she's not busy working on our product strategy and roadmap, she dabbles in the occasional creative project or blog post.
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5 Things HR Wishes You Knew About Salary Negotiation

Posted by Carah Counts on February 19, 2016

Salary negotiation is tough, and most of us aren't very good at it. Potentially, employees will be in a position to negotiate salary many times in a given career.

But if you're not good at it, it's likely to be an awkward and ineffective experience.

Nonetheless, HR wants you to know how to do it well, because it helps establish a balance of compensation and aptitude that influences the company as a whole.

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HR Manager Ranks Highly in 2016 List of Top Jobs

Posted by Carah Counts on February 4, 2016

In surveys conducted by Glassdoor, HR Management is the 4th and 6th best job for workers in England and America, respectively. 

These results are based upon criteria related to advancement opportunities, benefits and compensation levels, and the total number of available jobs.

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How to be an HR Rockstar by Promoting the Health of Your Employees [Free Guide]

Posted by Carah Counts on January 28, 2016

Human resource personnel are, generally, tasked with acting as the link between an organization and its workforce. Responsible for recruiting new staff, dealing with issues current staff have, and working with management in strategic planning, those in human resource have to possess a wide range of attributes. Those who excel in HR are generally considered to be "natural-born leaders", and "charismatic". 

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How to Use Employee Turnover as a Health Check For Your Company

Posted by Carah Counts on January 27, 2016

Employee turnover is inconvenient and costly, but what does turnover really mean for the health of an organization?

HR researchers say there's a sweet spot for turnover: too little and a company grows stagnant; too much and there's a deep problem somewhere in the organization.

One way to learn important lessons from departing employees is to make the most out of exit interviews, and communicate several times over weeks with an outgoing worker.

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10 Things You Absolutely Need to Know About Employee Benefits

Posted by Carah Counts on January 19, 2016

It's up to an employer to make a quality health plan; it's up to employees to understand it and take full advantage of benefits offered.

In many cases, becoming more knowledgeable about a health plan could save employees thousands. And there are a lot of places to look for savings.

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Study: Millennials "Meh" on Employer Benefits

Posted by Carah Counts on December 24, 2015

The perceived value of employer benefits varies by generation. While still valued, health insurance is a declining concern for Millennials, though it's still #1 for Boomers.

Paid time off is increasingly important to America's youngest working generation. Overall, employer benefits were the primary concern for less than 1/3 of surveyed Millennials, when selecting a new job.

Analysts chalk it all up to Millennials coming of age in the era of Obamacare and other benefits, now coming from sources other than a traditional employer.

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Why Portable Benefits Should be a Priority in the New Economy

Posted by Carah Counts on December 21, 2015

Freelancers, or Independent Workers, are a fast-growing force in America. Now numbering more than 50 million individuals, the call for extension of benefits to the independent workforce is growing.

It's the Uber generation, and everybody wants to be their own boss. Without access to benefits like healthcare or retirement, freelancers have a hard time establishing careers like those found in the traditional workforce.

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Is Self-Care a Key to Increasing Workplace Productivity?

Posted by Carah Counts on December 9, 2015

Workplace wellness programs have been one of the major HR stories of 2015. But there is only so much a workplace can do to promote employee health.

In order to realize the savings that come from a healthy workforce, businesses must see their workers take healthy living and self-treatment options into their own hands. The linked article demonstrates how common, treatable ailments like acid reflux add up to huge productivity losses nationwide.

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Why Sleeping in During Weekends is Bad for Professionals

Posted by Carah Counts on December 7, 2015

Sleeping in on Saturday may be one the great gifts of the weekend. But new research suggests that sleeping till noon after a workweek of early rising may have poor health consequences.

Research from the University of Pittsburgh has found that large variations in sleep patterns can increase individuals' chances of heart disease, diabetes, and other conditions.

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Timing is Everything: How to Use Content for the Busiest HR Season

Posted by Carah Counts on November 23, 2015

The holiday season is hiring season for staffers.

Late September and October, followed by January and February, are the biggest months in American hiring.

Most human resources teams look to independent staffing agencies to help fill positions at this time of year., but only 35% of employees report using such companies to find job opportunities.

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