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With an MBA mind for analysis and strategy development, Tatiana loves transforming creative ideas into practical application for innovative companies and professionals. She is also the proud owner of an overworked Nespresso machine.
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5 Signs Your Company Needs a Corporate Wellness Program

Posted by Tatiana Spears on September 16, 2016

Does your company culture feel stale? Wish you knew how to reinvigorate your workforce and build better teams? A corporate wellness program could be just the thing you’ve been missing.

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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Wellness Programs

Posted by Tatiana Spears on August 4, 2016

It’s no secret that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Employers are looking to wellness programs to help reduce costs while improving health.

But how do they work? How do you decide which type of program is right for your company? Here answers to your most frequently asked questions about wellness programs.

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Do Workplace Wellness Programs Save Employers Money?

Posted by Tatiana Spears on July 20, 2016

Employers are looking for ways to save on healthcare costs – and wellness programs look incredibly promising. Get the facts, and find out if wellness programs could be saving you money.

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How does Gamification Impact Workplace Wellness Programs?

Posted by Tatiana Spears on July 13, 2016

Frustrated with the lack of employee engagement in your workplace wellness program? Discover how gamification could boost engagement – and ultimately your bottom-line.

As the cost of health care continues to rise, employers are turning to prevention-focused wellness programs in growing numbers. Approximately 70% of U.S. employers currently offer a general wellness program, up from 58% in 2008.

Wellness programs have become a staple benefit for companies large and small. Google, for example, offers employees an on-site clinic, fitness center, and healthy food options - just to name a few. But unfortunately, it’s all too common to see today’s innovative wellness programs operate on yesterday’s thinking concerning employee engagement.

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5 Quick Tips to Improve Employee Orientation

Posted by Tatiana Spears on June 22, 2016

Looking to revamp your employee orientation process? Here’s how to ditch the dull and get new talent on-board and sold-out.

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10 Things your Competitors can Teach you About Recruiting

Posted by Tatiana Spears on June 15, 2016

Is your competition getting all the top talent? Discover the top 10 things top businesses know about recruiting and how it can help you.

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Recruiting: 5 Secrets to Attracting Top Talent

Posted by Tatiana Spears on May 24, 2016

How do you find top talent? How do you help them choose you? Here are five ways to attract the best candidates and have them say “yes” to you. 

With the advent of recruiting platforms and software systems, you’d think recruiting would be easier, but there is no system that can substitute service excellence and thoughtful strategy. Here are five secrets to attracting (and keeping) top talent.

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10 Things All Great Recruiters Do Religiously

Posted by Tatiana Spears on April 20, 2016

Looking to step up your recruiting game?

Here are ten things you can start doing to build recruiter confidence while attracting higher quality candidates.

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7 Things About Wellness Your Boss Wants You to Know

Posted by Tatiana Spears on January 7, 2016

Thinking about introducing a wellness program to your organization? Or ready to take your existing program to the next level? First, get your boss’ buy-in. 

Without it, an initiative or program will just remain an idea. With it, you just might help usher in lasting change for employees and the organization. 

Here are seven things your boss wants to know about wellness:

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3 Big Reasons Healthy Employees Make You More Competitive

Posted by Tatiana Spears on January 1, 2016

Companies large and small find that focusing on healthy employees is better for business. A growing body of research suggests that investing in employee health and wellness has a significant effect on employee productivity, culture, and even profitability.

Such factors fuel competitive advantage — which is why leading business leaders see investing in employee health as a fundamental business strategy.

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