January 14, 2015

CareATC, Inc. Completes Series B Preferred Stock Offering

Tulsa, OK – CareATC, Inc. (“CareATC”) announces today the successful completion of a Series B Preferred Stock Offering, led by Tulsa-based private equity firm Omega Capital and the Oklahoma Life Science Fund.

CareATC intends to use the proceeds for general working capital purposes, including the expansion of sales, marketing, and information technology to support continued growth.

“We are excited to partner with Omega Capital and the Oklahoma Life Science Fund on this financing,” said Philip Kurtz, Chief Executive Officer of CareATC. “We want to accelerate our rollout of new clinics to keep pace with the demand for quality healthcare in or near the workplace.”

“Employers have become very sophisticated about their rising healthcare costs and the direct linkage between employee wellness and productivity.” said Jason Martin, President of Omega Capital. “We know that investments in preventive care and disease management pay big dividends.”

“By eliminating barriers to care such as distance, wait times, and copays, CareATC is able to head off complications before they become costly in both human and financial terms,” said Dr. William Paiva, Manager of the Oklahoma Life Science Fund.

As part of the transaction, Kurtz, Martin, Paiva, and Ron Woods, founder of CareATC, will serve on the board of directors of CareATC.  

About CareATC, Inc.

Headquartered in Tulsa, Okla., CareATC is a leading provider of onsite and near-site medical clinics for employers of all sizes. Since 2000, CareATC has provided customized healthcare solutions to employers that reduce healthcare costs by promoting health, preventing disease, and providing a shorter path to care for employees.

Currently, CareATC manages over 100 clients in 16 states and cares for over 85,000 patients. Customers include corporations, municipalities, and school districts.

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