Empowering a sustainable journey to true health and well-being.

We Are Focused on Your Total Well-Being

At CareATC, health coaching is objective, proactive, and patient-centered. Through a series of interventions, our coaches help reduce risk factors and develop your entire workforce's total well-being.

Tailored Plans As Unique as Your People

Not a one-size-fits-all approach, we develop participant care plans using individualized health information and evidence-based best practices. Our coaches customize their approach to generate the best health outcomes for each individual.


Proactively Address Employee Health and Well-Being

We designed our care plans to address important lifestyle issues like weight-loss, tobacco use, fitness, and nutrition; while actively managing chronic conditions.

  • Individualized care plan design
  • Onsite group sessions
  • Outcomes-based models
  • Health claims and data integration
  • Health education materials
  • Actionable analytics
  • Clinical health coaching physician oversight
  • Face-to-face meetings with a virtual option
  • Integration with existing health programs

Outcomes-Based Goodness

Our certified coaches customize program frequency based on the progress of each individual. Using a three-phased approach–active, maintenance, and graduate–coaches can guide participants at a pace designed for optimal health outcomes.


Customized Incentive Design to Drive Better Engagement

It’s true–incentives drive a higher engagement rate. That’s why our incentive design experts take the time to build an incentive program around what motivates your employees the most.

  • ACA compliant designs
  • Participation and results-based models
  • Leverage biometrics, premium spread, and tier-setting
  • Powerful compliance tracking
  • Manage appeals and reasonable alternatives
  • Measurable results

Fully Integrated for Intelligent Insights

Our unique care management software aggregates coaching data, biometrics, individual risk scores, clinical and wellness data, and claims information to provide the full picture of participant health status and overall progress.


Actionable Reporting and Analytics.

Employers and participants alike receive regular reporting designed to summarize outreach, participation, compliance, and goal setting. Better yet, all reporting is available online and in real-time on the CareATC Analytics Portal & Mobile App.

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More Than Health Coaching

Because our solutions are fully integrated, you’ll get more out of them as they work together.



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