Personalized biometrics designed to inform and inspire.

A Healthier Life Begins With Awareness

The CareATC Personal Health Assessment (PHA) is the baseline. It’s the foundation for everything that we do. This comprehensive biometric screening provides participants with powerful information designed to kickstart their mission for a healthier life.

Advanced Multi-Panel Lipid Screening for Accurate, Actionable Results

With a comprehensive set of hand-picked labs and an intravenous approach, we’re able to obtain significant amounts of biometric data on each participant, further driving awareness and positive health outcomes.


A Better Experience Starts With the Best Team

Our team of highly trained phlebotomists travels coast-to-coast conducting on-site blood draws for every client we serve. With in-house staff aligned with our core mission, the result is higher quality and greater efficiency.

  • Advanced multi-panel lipid screening
  • In-house phlebotomy teams
  • Full EMR data integration
  • Patient accountability and outreach
  • Comprehensive results via print and video
  • Historical comparisons and trended analysis
  • Targeted health education materials
  • Incentive design for higher participation
  • Robust employer reporting

Personal Results That Provide Understanding and Promote Change

Our simple, one-page summary is designed with our patients in mind, providing a clear understanding of each participant’s health status without overwhelming them with complicated medical explanations.

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Introducing PHA Live

PHA Live is a video-based solution that dramatically increases patient engagement. Each individualized video provides easy-to-understand explanations of the crucial lab values - helping participants make better choices when it matters most.

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Robust Employer Reporting Designed to Identify the Best Course of Action

Our comprehensive employer reports provide outstanding clarity regarding the aggregate health status of all PHA participants. This risk stratification level enables our clients to make smarter health plan decisions that ultimately increase value and drive down costs.


Better Engagement With Best-in-Class Technology

The CareATC Patient Portal and CareATC Mobile App offer convenient access to lab results, testing information, and engaging health materials. And because the PHA can store up to 10 years of data, participants and providers alike have improved visibility of important health related trends.

More Than Biometrics

Because our solutions are fully integrated, you’ll get more out of them as they work together.

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