Launch new levels of employee engagement with wellness programs.

Your Wellness Journey Starts Here

Achieve valuable employee engagement with our wellness and incentive programs. We designed our solutions to adapt to your company’s brand and culture, driving and automating your company’s customized wellness strategy.

Find Lasting Behavior Change With HealthPassport

HealthPassport is a fully customizable wellness and incentive management portal designed to give employers a front-row seat to their corporate wellness program.

  • Incentive management
  • Participation or outcomes-based
  • Activity and nutrition tracking
  • Fitness device and app integration
  • Health education materials
  • Goal setting and competitions
  • Custom reporting and insights
  • Mobile-Ready user interface

A Powerful, Easy-to-Use Interface

HealthPassport makes it simple for your employees to stay engaged with company-wide health and wellness initiatives.


Employ A Wellness Program That Will Achieve Long-Term Benefits to Population Health

It’s no secret that wellness programs bring many health benefits. To achieve sustainable long-term benefits to population health, CareATC ensures our programs align with an organization’s goals, is easily accessible, and provides personalized communication to influence employee engagement.

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Wellness Program Design That Delivers

Whether you're looking to integrate an existing wellness program or design something entirely from scratch, we can help. From custom competition design to health education and incentive strategies, we'll help build, implement, and manage your corporate wellness initiatives. 

Better Incentive Management and Utilization

It’s a fact that incentives promote utilization. With HealthPassport, you can create customized incentive programs that assist in keeping your employees engaged and excited.

Regardless of whether you choose cash, premium reductions, HSA account contributions, trips, tickets, or parties–you’ll be able to automate your program's management and closely track the results.


Optimize Engagement With Fitness Device and App Integration

HealthPassport comes standard with a powerful fitness device and app integration, which effortlessly bridges new and historical data with the HealthPassport Activity Tracker.

Participants can sync fitness and nutrition data via countless apps and tracker devices, making it easier to stay engaged.


Custom Reporting and Insights–Anytime, Anywhere

With HealthPassport, powerful reporting comes standard. Companies can automate the tracking and reporting process, so you and your employees can receive an effortless analysis of progress and completion. Reporting can also be structured to send updates to fulfillment sources like HR, payroll, or outside fulfillment vendors.

More Than Wellness

Because our solutions are fully integrated, you’ll get more out of them as they work together.



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Health Coaching

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Biometric Screenings

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