March 1, 2022


CareATC Expands Virtual Personal Health Assessment Capabilities with On-Demand Video

Pioneer of personalized video-based health risk assessments launches new user interface to advance member engagement. 

Tulsa, OK - CareATC, a leader in population health management and advanced direct primary care, continues its expansion of technological capabilities with a major update to its pioneering personal health assessment platform that goes beyond the traditional lab report. Patients are presented with an all-new online interface to bring their results to life with on-demand videos and engage them in new ways to take action on their health and wellbeing.

“Personal Health Assessments are an essential health screening tool to help CareATC providers, health coaches, and the rest of the patient's care team understand the current state of their overall wellness and guide them to better health outcomes,” said Phil Bruns, CareATC Chief Technology Officer. “While our patients have historically had a way to view their PHA Results in our Patient Portal and mobile app, we've completely redesigned and rebuilt the experience so patients can more easily find the information that matters the most.”

PHA Results 1

Launched in 2018, CareATC’s video-based personal health assessment (PHA) was an industry first bringing clarity to personalized lab results. A custom video built for each patient provides an easy-to-understand overview of their most important lab values and a clear call to action to discuss results with their CareATC primary care provider. 

Product Update Summary for PHA Results: 

Members can easily access the customized PHA Results experience directly from the CareATC mobile app and Patient Portal and can begin enjoying the following updates and capabilities: 

  • All-new, modernized user interface with personalized videos tailored to individual results with the most critical risk levels rolling to the top
  • Expanded panel of labs and services with improved access to results of interest
  • Results presented by real CareATC physicians in English and Spanish
  • Direct message access to medical staff for follow-up questions
  • A Next Steps section for members to easily schedule a PHA Review appointment and download their PHA Results booklet

PHA Results 2

PHA Results 3

Behind the scenes, CareATC’s Engineering and Data Architecture teams have built in ways to help gauge this update's impact on PHA Results utilization and ongoing health center engagement. For example, members can rate how helpful each video is for them so that CareATC can continue to understand which types of content provide education and drive engagement.

"This capability continues CareATC's mission to provide relevant and actionable information to patients and providers in a way that continually improves their lives and reduces medical cost burden for the patients and their employers," said CareATC Chief Executive Officer Greg Bellomy. “These updates are another step forward in improving our overall member engagement and creating a relevant and engaging patient experience.”

PHA Results 4

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