February 10, 2021


CareATC Provides the City of Goodyear First Doses of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine

Goodyear, AZ - The city of Goodyear partnered with workforce health leader CareATC to administer 200 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to city employees who meet the state of Arizona’s current eligibility requirements, including law enforcement and essential workers.

“Every vaccine administered brings us one step closer to ending this pandemic,” says Jeanni Ruddy, city of Goodyear Total Compensation and HRIS Manager. “We are proud to partner with CareATC to offer this life-saving benefit to eligible members so that they can continue serving our community safely and with peace of mind.”

The pandemic has reframed workplace safety. With CareATC Occupational Health Services, employers like the city of Goodyear are provided with actionable and evidence-based solutions to reduce lost workdays, increase productivity, and maximize savings. CareATC clients can choose to integrate their occupational health needs with employer-sponsored primary care. By maximizing employee health, employers can minimize cost and risk. For employers, an experienced partner like CareATC can provide the guidance and tools necessary to create a safe work environment, especially in the wake of a pandemic.

"Everything we do at CareATC is defined by our mission to give people the power to be well," says Cheryl Counts, CareATC Senior Vice President of Operations & Occupational Health. "This mission takes on a whole new meaning as we prepare to administer COVID-19 vaccinations for the very first time with the city of Goodyear. We are proud to do our part in fighting the pandemic alongside forward-thinking employers."

The CareATC and City of Goodyear’s COVID-19 vaccination program is open to the city’s law enforcement and essential workers who meet the state of Arizona's requirements. This program is not available to the general public. The public and community, including the city of Goodyear employees, should not call or walk-in for vaccinations at the city of Goodyear. Maricopa County Public Health is directing vaccine distribution orders. To understand the prioritization and orders of vaccine distribution, visit

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