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What You Should Know About Arthritis

Posted by Kate Hunt, MSPT on July 8, 2022

Do you experience joint swelling, pain, stiffness, decreased range of motion?  Do weather changes get you down?  Arthritis comes in many different forms, but you can take charge of your mobility!

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The Link Between Shoulder Pain and Vitamin D Deficiency

Posted by Kate Hunt, MSPT on June 14, 2021

What if one letter in the alphabet could help you breathe better, jump higher, balance better, move without pain, and keep you lean?  As a Physical Therapist, I am always looking for ways to get my patients well faster. 

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How Low Testosterone Affects Injury Recovery and Exercise Performance

Posted by Kate Hunt, MSPT on June 1, 2021

Do you experience decreased muscle mass?  Fatigue?  Frequent strains, sprains, or fractures?  Increased weight in your chest and abdomen? Mood swings or lack of motivation?  Any of these could be related to low testosterone-and not just in men.

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Relieve Stress and Tension with Respiratory and Pelvic Diaphragm Exercises

Posted by Kate Hunt, MSPT on March 23, 2021

Don’t reach for the TUMS just yet, instead, sit tall and take a breath. Prolonged sitting and the notion of gripping or tightening the abs can create a hypervigilant compressive force on the pelvic floor contributing to tight hip flexors, a painful back, urinary stress incontinence, constipation, painful sex, and even heart burn. Pelvic floor dysfunction for men and women is does not just include weakness or laxity according to

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