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Avoid Putting Too Much Emphasis on "The Number on the Scale"

Posted by Marla Richards, MS, RD, LD on April 21, 2015

When you're determined to become healthy and you strive daily to meet your health goals, don’t let the scale get in your way.

When the number on the scale becomes the main focus, it is easy to let getting to the desired number result in lack of nutrition and excessive exercise.

It’s understandable that one would want their weight to go down, but when you’re eating healthy along with physical activity, the appropriate number will come.

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How to Make Your Weight Loss Resolutions Last

Posted by Marla Richards, MS, RD, LD on January 15, 2015

Many start their new year off with resolutions. Some want to better their finances, learn to cook, read more, etc. I would say the majority of New Year's Resolutions consist of those wanting to lose weight. 

I can’t tell you how often I hear people say they’re going to lose weight and they are going to do it the healthy way. Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done. How often do you hear someone say they’re changing their lifestyle starting in the New Year, but never follow through?

Don’t let your New Year's Resolution be for January only—let this goal turn into habit, and eventually it will transform into the way you live your life!

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Making it Count: Rita Beckford, MD

Posted by Deann Marasco on November 26, 2014

Rita Beckford, MD, a CareATC® physician, wellness consultant, and national keynote speaker, is making an impression on the lives she touches by personal experience. As she said with great passion, "we only are given one body, so make it count!"

Because of her personal journey, she has not only transformed her own life, she is now sharing her experience and formula by giving others the opportunity to change their lives.

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Rapid, "Immediate Results" Weight Loss or Healthy Lifestyle Change?

Posted by Marla Richards, MS, RD, LD on November 21, 2014

Diet. Such a harsh word! Dieting is not what it used to be. The perception associated with diet has become so negative over the years. What happened to living a healthy lifestyle? Eating for heart health? Exercising because it feels good?

Some may have lost, or never had, the desire to live healthy. We are surrounded by food; it’s everywhere. We live in such a commuter, sedentary world—one where we have become reliant on convenience. Some would say we’ve become lazy! I wouldn’t put all the blame on oneself, the whole nation contributes to this way of living. If it’s easier, cheaper, and faster; it just seems better.

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