September 26, 2017

Sun-Hydraulics-LogoSun Hydraulics Corporation Extends Core Service Philosophy to Employees

Sarasota, FL – With no official position titles, every Sun Hydraulics Corp. employee sees customer service as their job. For over 40 years, Sun has pioneered the advancement of fluid power with leading design, manufacturing, products, research and distribution services. With a public health statement to “provide a safe and pleasant working environment for our employees, because it allows them to be more productive and helps them achieve life satisfaction,” Sun has enlisted CareATC, a leading employee population health management provider, in managing disease prevention and overall well-being of their workforce. 

“With our distinctly proactive approach to primary care, our healthcare delivery model is revolutionary in its simplicity: put people first. Sun Hydraulics honors this same philosophy for their employees and their families. We both agree that better health comes first, because people come first,” says Paul Keeling, CareATC Chief Business Development Officer. 

With an on-site CareATC clinic at their Sarasota headquarters, Sun provides employees ease and direct access to high-quality primary care and services. With the ability to offer CareATC’s Personal Health Assessments, an individualized comprehensive health summary enables participants to make better decisions and take control of their health. Not only will employees and their families benefit, Sun will reap immediate savings with a decrease in employee absenteeism and an increase in presenteeism and workforce retention.


About CareATC, Inc.

CareATC Inc. is a leading innovator in the health technology sector providing on-site and near-site medical clinics. By leveraging groundbreaking technology, CareATC offers customized population health management solutions for employers that reduce healthcare costs by promoting health, preventing disease and providing a shorter path to care. CareATC manages more than 144 clients in 33 states and cares for more than 155,000 patients. Accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care Inc., CareATC is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

To learn more about CareATC Inc., visit For media inquiries contact Paul Keeling at 918.779.7414