February 9, 2021


Healthcare Purchaser Alliance of Maine Partners with Leading Workforce Health Service Provider, CareATC

Topsham, ME - The Healthcare Purchaser Alliance of Maine (HPA) has partnered with leading workplace wellness provider, CareATC Inc., to provide members preferred pricing and performance guarantees on integrated population health strategies that promote advanced transformational care, including full service on-site, shared-site, and virtual advanced primary care.

The Healthcare Purchaser Alliance is a non-profit organization whose over 50 members include public and private employers, benefit consultants, hospitals, health plans, doctors, and consumer groups working together to drive high-quality, affordable healthcare in Maine. The HPA does this by analyzing claims data and identifying employer healthcare strategies that can align market incentives toward value-based care.

“One of the primary challenges we face in our healthcare market today is a lack of transparency around costs and quality. Without information on how well healthcare services are provided, both consumers and purchasers alike lack the information to make informed decisions about the care they choose and pay for,” says Lisa Nolan, Healthcare Purchaser Alliance of Maine Director of Value-Based Purchasing. “With CareATC, we know our members will receive exceptional care and cost-saving population health services at preferred pricing.”

CareATC offers Artificial Intelligence-powered population health solutions including full-service primary care (onsite/shared site and virtual), patient advocacy, health coaching, occupational medicine, personal health assessments, and much more. CareATC manages more than 165 clients in 26+ states and cares for more than 300,000 members and is Accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health.

“Without the traditional limitations of mainstream primary care, Healthcare Purchaser Alliance of Maine members can experience timely access to quality in-person and virtual primary care, spend more time with a primary care provider, and receive prescribed medications on-site or delivered to their home at little to no cost to employees and their families,” says Lisa Ness, CareATC Chief Revenue Officer. “Employers across the State of Maine now have the opportunity to offer life-changing, cost-effective health, and wellness benefits with CareATC.”

“As the author and healthcare expert Dave Chase often says, there’s no well-functioning healthcare system in the world not built on primary care,” noted HPA CEO, Peter Hayes. “Advanced primary care is a promising strategy to move from a model that treats sickness to one that promotes health, and we are excited about the potential of CareATC to hasten that transition.”

About CareATC, Inc.

CareATC, Inc., is a leading innovator in the employer-sponsored healthcare sector providing Advanced Transformational Care for on-site and shared-site health centers. By leveraging groundbreaking technology and comprehensive data sources for risk stratification, CareATC offers customized healthcare benefit solutions for employers. CareATC’s Advanced Transformational Care is a comprehensive healthcare solution that drives engagement, improves health outcomes, lowers health care costs, and provides transparency into the total cost of care. CareATC manages more than 165 clients in 26 states and cares for more than 300,000 members. Accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care Inc., CareATC is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. To learn more about CareATC Inc., visit

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