March 24, 2022


University of Tulsa Partners with CareATC to Provide Primary Care to Students and Employee Health Plan Members

Leading higher education institution to provide primary care services for its student population as well as employees and their spouses and dependents on the health plan. 

Tulsa, OK - CareATC, a leader in population health management and advanced direct primary care, has partnered with The University of Tulsa to provide comprehensive primary care services to all faculty and staff on the benefit plan and the general student population. 

Providing Care to Employees, Spouses and Dependents  

Employees on the health plan have access to the student/campus clinic for same-day acute needs as well as the expansive Tulsa-area shared-site clinic network. Spouses and dependents on the health plan only have access to the shared sites. Wellness services include no-cost health coaching, 24/7 access to virtual primary care, onsite medication dispensation and more. 

Services provided by CareATC are HIPAA compliant and allow the confidential delivery of all services on and off campus. A team of experts and dedicated program manager are committed to building an evolving and advanced model of health care delivery that is focused on measuring clinical outcomes, quality and clinical efficacy of the care provided.


CareATC Student Solution for Higher Education

CareATC has partnered with TU to provide health center services to all students. Historically, the student health center was managed by the university and an internal department was submitting claims on behalf of students. The process was inefficient and time consuming for the university to continue.

CareATC proposed taking over the student health center and offering clinical access to students in person and virtually for a per student per month (PSPM) rate. TU applies that rate to the students’ fees each semester and no longer processes claims through insurance.

Scope of services for students include:

  • Preventive care services
  • Acute and chronic condition care
  • Population-specific screenings and testing (COVID-19, TB, STIs, etc.)
  • Refined list of prescription drugs dispensed and vaccinations given at the clinic

This solution launched in January 2022 and demonstrates the value for higher education institutions to provide a personalized, concierge approach to delivering high-quality medical and behavioral health services that are relevant and meet the needs and wants of the student population. Partnering with an experienced provider like CareATC has eliminated the administrative burden of processing claims and managing the health center while trying to provide top-rate health care.


“From a practical standpoint, partnering with CareATC removes the university’s liability of administering health care to students while expanding capability of services,” said Austin Zellner, vice president of business development at CareATC. “CareATC’s comprehensive approach, integrating prevention and health promotion, delivers both physical and mental health services to support students in transitioning from parent-guided care to self-care. We believe our model of care will improve access, clinical quality and ultimately student satisfaction.”

TU President Brad Carson agreed. “This new arrangement means all students will receive exceptional medical care from CareATC’s doctors and nurses. It also allows us to extend the on-campus visits to faculty and staff who participate in the university’s insurance plan,” he said. “Additionally, CareATC is proactive in sharing resources with students and employees to get and stay healthy and prevent trips to the clinic. It’s a win-win for our campus community.”


The on-campus clinic is located at 2946 E. 5th St. in Tulsa, serving approximately 3,700 students and 920 faculty and staff. Employees as well as spouses and dependents on the TU health plan also have access to CareATC’s extensive shared-site clinic network in the northeast Oklahoma area. Service areas include Tulsa, Bixby, Muskogee, Owasso and Sand Springs. For more information about TU’s Hurricane Health Center, visit

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