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5 Reasons Why Physicians Are Leaving the Practice (And Where They Want to Go)

What is a Biometric Screening and Why do Your Employees Need One?

How to Choose the Right Occupational Health Vendor

How to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Occupational Health

Why is Occupational Health Good for Business?

What is Occupational Health?

How to Select an Onsite Clinic Vendor

Using an Onsite Clinic to Improve Employee Wellness and Control Costs of Care

The Role of an Onsite Clinic in a Modern Benefits Package

What is Onsite Clinic Care?

Recognizing Patient Experience Week

Recognizing World Safety & Health at Work

Onsite Clinic RFP Template for Benefit Consultants and Brokers

4 Takeaways from the 2024 MMB Health Trends Report

Onsite Clinics: A Game-Changer for Healthcare Benefits—Insights for Benefit Brokers

Unlocking the Value of Onsite Clinics:  How Employers Can Optimize Healthcare Benefits

Navigating Open Enrollment Success: Essential Tips for Benefit Brokers

3 Strategies to Help Employers Streamline Open Enrollment

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What Do Employees Really Think About Onsite Clinics? 5 Statistics to Consider

How Brokers Can Help Employers Lower Healthcare Expenses with Onsite Clinics

Onsite Clinics: A Win-Win Solution for Employers and Employees

How to Compare Onsite Clinic Partners: A Guide for Benefit Brokers

5 Steps to Creating an Onsite Clinic RFP

3 Ways Onsite Clinics Can Boost Business for Benefit Brokers

5 Reasons Benefit Brokers Should Recommend Onsite Clinics

CareATC Updates Mobile App with Enhanced User Experience and New Capabilities

Product Update: PHA Results Gets a New User Interface to Advance Member Engagement

Self-Funding 101: A Unique Solution for Employers of Every Size

5 Signs You Should Consider Self-Funding

CareATC Now Offering COVID-19 Antibody Detection Testing Helping to Inform Return-to-Work Strategies

How CareATC is Addressing COVID-19 Stress and Anxiety with Virtual Health Coaching and Direct-to-Home Prescription Delivery

The Doctor Will See You Now: CareATC Expanding Access to Care with Virtual Visits

How Employers Can Get Ahead of the Coronavirus Curve

CareATC Launches COVID-19 Pop-Up Testing Sites for its Clients

What to consider when you’re implementing an effective office wellness plan

U.S. Employers Embrace Innovative Ways to Deliver Quality Healthcare

Audio Resource: The Business Case for On-Site and Shared-Site Clinics

Audio Resource: How to Measure Employee Health & Wellness ROI

Product Update: CareATC Mobile App 4.0

What Self-Funded Employers Can Learn from the Amazon, Berkshire and JPMorgan Healthcare Alliance

[Infographic] Why 96% of Employers Plan to Invest in Health and Wellness Programs

How Unhealthy Employees Are Killing Your Bottom Line

Self-Funding for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses - Part 3

Self-Funding for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses - Part 2

Reducing Self-Funding Risk With Wellness Programs

Self-Funding for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses - Part 1

5 Benefits of a Shared Clinic Model

3 Reasons Why Your Employees Are Avoiding the Doctor

3 Signs of Physician Burnout (And What to Do About It)

ACA Repeal & Replace Underway – What Employers Need to Know

Primary Care Provider’s Guide: 5 Benefits of a Worksite Clinic Career

Embracing The Role Of Family Caregivers In The U.S. Health System

Is Uber Already the 'Uber of Healthcare?'

Immigration Reform Can Help Ease the Rural Health Crisis

EMC Study: U.S. Healthcare Industry Lagging on Data Protection

Major Federal Mental Health Reform Passed By U.S. House Awaits Senate This Fall

How ACA Marketplace Premiums Measure Up to Expectations

5 Major Emerging Trends in the Healthcare Industry

Access to Healthcare Through ACA May Actually Improve Americans’ Health

Why It Matters: Health Care

How to Determine if a Near-Site or Multi-Employer Clinic is Right for Your Company

Healthcare Industry Pushing Back Against Hospital Rating System

Here’s How Much Unhealthy Employees Could Be Hurting Your Bottom Line

Even With Health Care Reform, It’s Hard to Find a Doctor

US Health Care Reform: Progress and Next Steps

Healthcare Industry Losing Average of $2.2 Million per Data Breach

5 Smart Ways to Reduce Healthcare Costs

Study Shows Doctor Engagement Critical to Reaching Health Reform Goals

Healthcare Industry is Among the Top Users of Encryption

Supreme Court Term Mixed Bag for Healthcare Industry

Republicans Offer a Plan to Replace Obamacare

Home Healthcare Industry Braces for Another Medicare Cut

Should the Veterans Health Care System be Privatized?

To HSA or Not HSA?

The New Shared Clinic Model & How to Start One

Unanimous Vote Sends Mental Health Reform to House Floor

Number of Uninsured Americans Would Jump if Health Reform Were Repealed

Here’s What You’ll Pay for Health Care In Retirement

Obama Administration Races to Bolster Healthcare Reform in Final Days

3 Reasons Your Competitors are Investing in On-Site Clinics

​How Will Health Insurer Mergers Hit Obamacare Premiums?

For Truly Value-Based Care, Use Outcomes Instead of Processes

How Does an On-Site Clinic Impact Employee Health? [Video]

Mental Health Reform: The Senate Needs to Act

Why You’re Missing the Boat if You Do Nothing With Your Biometric Screening Results

6 Affordable Mental Health Care Service Options

Study Says Health Care Pricing Tools Aren't Driving Down Costs

High-Quality Health Care For Resettled Refugees: A Sustainable Model

HCMS Group Introduces Waste-Reducing Health Reform Solution

Healthcare Reform is Causing Longer Patient Wait Times

Healthcare in Top Spot for Number of Data Breaches

Americans Like Health Care Reform, Not its Politics [Poll]

Health Care Industry Must Adapt to Growing Hispanic Population

The Big Change in Health Reform: Provider-Sponsored Risk

Many Americans Say Higher Prices Don't Mean Better Healthcare

Mental Health Reform Faces Hurdles in Congress

4 Reasons the Healthcare Industry Should Compensate Physicians More

Healthcare Industry Giants Pledge to Ease Interoperability, EHR Use

The Healthcare Industry is Last to Be Customer-First in the Digital Age

Reducing Employee Hours to Avoid the ACA is No Game

Employers Investing in Technology to Promote Employee Wellbeing Though Measuring Effectiveness Proves Challenging

How Healthcare Explains The Trump/Sanders Michigan Win

Disrupting the Healthcare Industry: 7 Highlights

New Hope for Mental Health Reform

FDA Reform, Privacy Law Standards Needed in Next Healthcare Overhaul, Group Says

The Health Insurance Industry's Identity Crisis

Healthcare Industry Sees a Sense of Urgency in Low Cost Centers

Public Opinion Divided On Health Care Reform

The Future Health Ecosystem Today Provides Look Into Healthcare's Future

Health Care Spending: The Story is Not So Mixed After All

Justice Scalia's Death Leaves Health Care Cases In Limbo

Early Impact of the Cadillac Excise Tax

Why Every Public Entity Should Consider an On-Site Clinic

What Will Healthcare Costs Be Like in 100 Years?

3 Reasons Wearable Fitness Technology is Right for the Workplace

Going from Good to Great: Scalable Wellness Strategies for SMBs

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7 Keys To Building A Workplace Wellness Network [Free Guide]

5 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Wellness Program

Using On-Site Health Centers to Build High-Performance Health Care Programs [Infographic]

Implementing Nutrition Solutions to Drive Down Healthcare Costs

CareATC® Employee Finds Inspiration to Lead a Healthier Lifestyle [Success Story]

Beyond Convenient: CareATC® Announces NEW Mobile App

Towers Watson: Employers Set to Expand On-Site Health Clinics

How Mobile Health Apps Support a Healthier Future [Infographic]

How to Write an On-Site Employee Medical Clinic RFP

3 Common Myths About On-Site Medical Clinics Debunked

Where the American Healthcare System is Headed [Infographic]

How Onsite Clinics are Impacting the American Healthcare System

A Beginner's Guide to Better Health in the Workplace [Free Guide]

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Mike LaPenna's Perspective on the On-Site Clinic Industry [Interview]

5 Things to Consider When Choosing an Onsite Clinic Vendor

3 Habits of Highly Effective Corporate Wellness Programs

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Two Necessary Results of On-Site Medical Clinics

3 Ways Every Company Can Save Money on Healthcare Costs

Health Reform: Fueling the Growth of On-Site Clinics?

5 Reasons Why Medical Providers Love the On-Site Clinic Model

21 Healthcare Terms You’re Too Embarrassed to Google

The Benefits of On-Site Medical Clinics

3 Common Barriers to Quality Medical Care

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