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21 Healthcare Terms You’re Too Embarrassed to Google

Posted by Madeline Lippe on September 24, 2014

Company X is implementing an HSA plan next year with an annual HRA provided by their TPA.

If you didn't understand any part of that sentence, this post is for you.

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3 Common Barriers to Quality Medical Care

Posted by Madeline Lippe on September 19, 2014

We’ve all had our reasons for not going to see the doctor. 

“I don’t have time.” 

“They told my friend she had strep when she really had mono. She lost 30 pounds and now she can’t even fit into the clothing from Gap Kid’s. It’s pretty pathetic. I’d rather suffer than go to the doctor.”

“Have you seen the waiting room? I hate waiting with sick people.” 

These excuses may seem reasonable in context, but when you form a habit of avoiding medical care, you weave a complex web of consequences both for yourself, and for society at large. 

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Self-Insurance 101: A Unique Solution for Employers of Every Size.

Posted by Madeline Lippe on September 17, 2014

Health care costs are rising rapidly. Despite the relatively moderate cost trend increases in 2013, they are still more than double the rate of inflation. Employers are finding it more difficult than ever to shoulder the cost of providing care for their employees. The 2013-2014 Towers Watson Employer Survey reveals that, on average, total benefit plans cost $12,535 per employee per year, and the average employer share of these costs continues to climb at a greater rate than the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and wages. In fact, from just 2013 to 2014, this rate increased 4.4% ($9,157 to $9,560). That’s nearly 28% more than employers paid just five years ago.

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Our New Website: What is CareATC?

Posted by Madeline Lippe on August 6, 2014

Hey, it's Madeline! With the launch of our new website this week, I thought it would be appropriate to provide a quick overview of CareATC® and where we came from. Most of our blog posts aren't this narcissistic, but every once in a while, I think it's appropriate to remind our readers of the heritage behind our brand. I promise I'll keep this short and sweet.

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