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Onsite Clinics: A Game-Changer for Healthcare Benefits—Insights for Benefit Brokers

Posted by CareATC on October 24, 2023

231024-CATC-BP-EHSWith continued inflation and market volatility culminating in fears of a possible recession, employees are seeking more support. As healthcare costs continue to be a significant concern for employers, the role of benefit brokers in finding innovative solutions becomes more critical than ever. Onsite clinics are a game-changer and powerful tool to optimize healthcare benefits for brokers’ clients.

Enhanced Employee Access to Care

Onsite clinics provide a unique advantage by offering employees immediate access to healthcare services right at their workplace. This proximity eliminates the need for time-consuming appointments and lengthy commutes, resulting in increased utilization of preventive and primary care services. A study by the National Association of Worksite Health Centers (NAWHC) reported that 95% of employers with onsite clinics saw an increase in employee utilization of preventive care (NAWHC, 2021).

Cost-Effective Healthcare Delivery

Cost containment is a top priority for both employers and benefit brokers. Onsite clinics can significantly reduce healthcare costs by offering cost-effective primary care, reducing the burden on costly emergency room visits. Mercer's research reveals that employers can save an average of $1,800 per employee per year through the implementation of onsite clinics (Mercer, 2018).

Improved Employee Well-Being and Productivity

Onsite clinics contribute to improved employee well-being by providing convenient access to wellness programs, vaccinations, and chronic disease management. A healthier workforce leads to increased productivity and reduced absenteeism. A report by the Business Group on Health revealed that employees who use onsite clinics miss fewer workdays and are more likely to adhere to preventive care measures (Business Group on Health, 2021). Benefit brokers can emphasize the potential for productivity gains when presenting onsite clinic solutions to their clients.

Benefit brokers play a pivotal role in shaping healthcare benefits for their clients. Onsite clinics offer enhanced employee access to care, cost-effective healthcare delivery, and improved well-being and productivity. By incorporating onsite clinics into their benefit strategies, benefit brokers can provide a competitive edge to their clients while addressing the pressing issue of rising healthcare costs.



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