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Audio Resource: The Business Case for On-Site and Shared-Site Clinics

Posted by Tatiana Spears on April 24, 2018

On-site clinics have long provided benefits to self-funded employers. Since the early 20th century, on-site clinics have provided employees with immediate access to care and significant health care savings for the employer. 

Today, when employers are asked how they plan to control health benefit cost over the long term, they talk about improving employee health through worksite clinics. Why? Well according to Mercer, 72% of employers offering worksite clinics say that managing employee health risk and chronic conditions are an important objective for the clinic. 

Large employers still dominate the worksite clinic scene, but a new model is emerging, empowering mid-sized and even small employers reap the benefits. 

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Audio Resource: How to Measure Employee Health & Wellness ROI

Posted by Tatiana Spears on March 22, 2018

Over 75% of Human Resource professionals say that their organization offers some type of a wellness program. But how effective are these programs? Data-driven leaders know a simple truth: you can't manage what they can't measure - and measuring return on investment (ROI) is essential to determine effectiveness. 

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Mike LaPenna's Perspective on the On-Site Clinic Industry [Interview]

Posted by Jeremy Cavness on January 9, 2015

Mike LaPenna is Principal and founder of The LaPenna Group, Inc. and provides strategic and financial consulting services to the health care industry. For twenty-five years, he has provided support to physicians, hospitals, provider networks, and employers for their strategic and tactical initiatives.

Mike is widely considered a thought leader in the on-site clinic arena. He has published a book on the concept and runs the industry-leading blog, onsiteclinics.org

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