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Using an Onsite Clinic to Improve Employee Wellness and Control Costs of Care

Posted by CareATC on May 21, 2024

May Blog 3With quality, accessible care, onsite clinics establish a healthier workforce and contribute to a sustainable, thriving corporate environment. By integrating onsite care into their benefits package, companies can boost productivity and wellness, while simultaneously reducing absenteeism and healthcare-related expenses. 

Improved Health and Wellness at Work

Onsite clinics are central to improving health directly at work. They provide convenient, timely healthcare, which is essential for the early detection and prevention of health conditions. Regular check-ups and preventive care at onsite clinics can identify potential health risks early on, allowing for immediate intervention and significantly reducing the likelihood of serious illnesses (Morton, 2022).

Reduced Healthcare Costs

Improved access to primary care services like annual physicals can lower overall healthcare costs. Adults who regularly visit a primary care physician have 33% lower healthcare costs than those who only see a specialist for their care (Purchaser Business Group on Health, 2022). By managing common and chronic conditions directly at the workplace, these clinics not only save on direct medical costs but also reduce indirect costs such as lost productivity and increased disability claims.

Savings for Employers and Employees

For employers, onsite clinics represent a strategic investment that leads to lower overall healthcare expenses from reduced absenteeism, decreased turnover, and lower insurance premiums due to better overall employee health. Employers may also secure discounted rates with healthcare providers or partner with third-party vendors to optimize cost efficiency, leading to significant long-term savings (Grensing-Pophal, 2019). Employees benefit from lower out-of-pocket expenses for routine care, saving money while enjoying better access to quality healthcare.

Onsite clinics promote a proactive approach to health, helping employees address health issues promptly without the delays often associated with traditional healthcare services. Adopting onsite clinics is a strategic move towards a healthier, more productive workforce and a more sustainable healthcare budget, creating a win-win solution for everyone in today’s dynamic workplace.



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