The CareATC Personal Health Assessment (PHA) is the baseline. It's the foundation for everything that we do. This comprehensive biometric screening provides patients, medical providers, and employers with powerful information designed to kick-start their mission for better health.

more Awareness, better health

The CareATC PHA is a next-generation biometric screening that provides participants with self-awareness, call-to-action, and motivation to drive measurable lifestyle change. 

  • Advanced Multi-Panel Lipid Screening
  • Easy-to-Understand Health Risk Summary
  • Powerful Health Education Materials
  • Patient Accountability and Outreach
  • Comprehensive Results Booklet and Mobile App
  • Access to Personalized Patient Portal
  • In-House Phlebotomy Teams
  • Full EMR Data Sharing

The CareATC Personal Health Assessment doesn’t just measure; it goes a step further by conveying an important message for a healthier lifestyle.

Comprehensive Results Booklet

The PHA Results Booklet is a refreshing breakthrough in the world of biometric testing. Designed specifically with patients in mind, the booklet contains user-friendly graphs, simplified medical explanations, and personalized information to inspire healthy living.

  • Expanded lipid panel containing over 30 of the most popular labs
  • Health profile featuring BMI, cardiovascular risk, and more
  • Year-over-year trending
  • Easy-to-read medical explanations
  • Familiar "stoplight" red-to-green results format
  • Health tips and personalized call-to-action 
  • Instructions on how to follow-up with a medical provider
Personal Health Assessment Patient Portal and Mobile App

Patient Portal and Mobile App

PHA participants have access to our industry-leading patient portal and mobile app, where they'll find a full breakdown of their lab results and testing information - as well as a library full of health education materials.


Robust Employer Reporting

Our comprehensive employer reports provide outstanding clarity regarding the aggregate health status of all PHA participants. This level of risk stratification enables our clients to make smarter health plan decisions that ultimately increase value and drive down cost.

More than biometrics

Because our solutions are fully integrated, you'll get more out of them as they work together.



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