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1 in 5 HR Managers Have Asked Illegal Interview Questions

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on February 5, 2016

1 in 5 HR Managers Have Asked Illegal Interview Questions | Ginger Sullivan | HR Insights blog by CareATC, Inc.While it can be nice to cultivate a relaxed, conversational approach within interviews, there are some topics that are off the table.

Each of the following lines of questioning may feel relevant, and all HR professionals who conduct interviews know how easy it is to cross a line.

But the law prevents certain questions from being asked during interviews, for reasons of privacy and discrimination.

Religious or political affiliation, being currently pregnant, age, race, disability status – these are just a few of the questions you might like to have answered, but definitely should not ask.

While the occasional slip-up may occur, it's important to brush up on these interview "no-nos," both for company liability and for the comfort of the person being interviewed.

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