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5 Ways HR Leaders Can Win Talent Through Branding

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on October 12, 2015

5 Ways HR Leaders Can Win Talent Through Branding | Ginger Sullivan | HR Insights blog by CareATC, Inc.For many reasons, Human Resource departments are having to get more sophisticated with hiring, onboarding, and employee retention.

It's a workers' market, and HR needs to get creative to lock down the best talent.

The following article has a number of suggestions.

Oracle's Christine Mellon finds typcial recruitment efforts to be too generalized, focused on widespread job searches, not specific communities of talent.

She also suggests creating "brand ambassadors" from enthusiastic employees and customers, in order to identify populations of people fit for available jobs and company culture.

Furthermore, Mellon emphasizes that talent should be viewed as just another kind of customer.

With so many employment options available to the best and the brightest, company policy and technology should be attractive to these highly-qualified workers.

Read full article at Forbes.

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