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A Hiring Guide for Building a Data-Driven Culture

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on November 6, 2015

A Hiring Guide for Building a Data-Driven Culture | Ginger Sullivan | HR Insights blogIn a critique of the traditional hiring mindset, the author urges readers not to "trust their gut" when making staffing decisions.

Citing research that 70% of hiring managers later regret instinctive hiring decisions, a data-driven alternative is illustrated.

Using incisive data and open-ended questioning, companies can identify prospects with important critical thinking skills, not just technical knowledge.

This approach can uncover unique personal traits like curiosity and willingness to lead. Part art, part science, methods like these are the way the world's best managers are learning to hire.

Read full article at VentureBeat.

Photo credit: University of the Fraser Valley [CC BY 2.0]
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