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Deloitte's 2016 Millennial Survey: "Winning Over the Next Generation of Leaders"

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on June 14, 2016

5349977993_5d03a935c9_z.jpgIndustry powerhouse Deloitte has a lot to say about Millennials in the workforce.

As their far-reaching survey concludes, Millennials and employers have to learn to strike a bargain if they're going to work together.

In many cases, Millennials tend to have one foot out the door of the traditional workplace. 

Today's young professionals are likely to hop quickly between jobs, make flexibility a top priority, and value benefits like unlimited vacation time. However, Millennials aren't impossible to please.

Young professionals who feel mentored by an employer feel far more loyal, because their work is valued and their personal aptitudes are improving. Deloitte's research proves what we all know: the traditional employment landscape is changing, and the country's largest working generation is driving the change.

Read full study at Deloitte.

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