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Disturbance for HR Managers: HR Quantification!

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on May 2, 2016

8322120385_7b28b96325_z.jpgNeed a new piece of corporate-speak for your HR vocabulary? Try "HR Quantification" on for size.

HR has to work with many different departments: employees, the BOD, executives, competitors, management, IT, etc. Each of these groups has a different culture and communication style.

It is HR's job to work with each according to their individual characteristics, not according to one-size-fits-all approaches.

This strategic, personalized action (HR Quantification) maximizes the outcomes of HR's department initiatives. With so much discussion happening about how to measure results after the fact, the need for strategic action is obvious.

The linked article is the first in a series of 12 posts, each discussing various ways for HR to act with fluency and intention, regardless of the group with whom HR is communicating.

Read full article at ATD.

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