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Employers More Settled into ACA Regime

Posted by Jeremy Cavness on July 31, 2015

Employers More Settled into ACA Regime | Jeremy Cavness | HR Insights blog by CareATC, Inc.Despite radical changes to the United States heath insurance system, the nation's employers are adjusting to the Affordable Care Act.

Concern over the ACA's requirements is down from 64% to 33% since 2012.

This is partially due to the widespread use of employee benefits attorneys and consultants, employed by more than half of surveyed businesses.

Employers who have yet to implement changes are now in the minority.

Though multi-faceted and sweeping in its scope, it seems the ACA is here to stay — and American employers are getting used to it.

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Photo credit: Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
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