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Few Signs Employer-Based Health Insurance is Buckling Under ACA

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on February 23, 2016

Few Signs Employer-Based Health Insurance is Buckling Under ACA | Ginger Sullivan | HR Insights blog by CareATC, Inc.Despite the apprehension from the business community regarding ACA expenses, employer-based health insurance is showing signs of robustness in 2016. As of today, workplace healthcare covers more than half of working adults, some 147 million people.

Ominous prophecies of mass layoffs in small- and medium-sized businesses have mostly proved unfounded. And despite the threat of penalties for too-skimpy or too-generous offerings, workplace health benefits planners are responding to the mandate for reform.

Workplace healthcare can prove pricey, for businesses and their workers, but it's still a better alternative to many regional public exchanges, where access to a single network oncologist, for example, can make timely care difficult to get.

All of this has been a huge motivation for workplaces to pursue workplace wellness strategies, because healthy employees will need to access expensive healthcare programming much less frequently.

All of these factors make workplace healthcare a rapidly evolving sector, but all signs point to a stabilizing future, as market inefficiencies are addressed and employers and workers learn to better adjust to the new system.

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