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Four Employee Retention Strategies For the Modern Workplace

Posted by Carah Counts on October 5, 2015

Four Employee Retention Strategies For the Modern Workplace | Carah Counts | HR Insights blog by CareATC, Inc.It's well known that today's workplace includes members of several generations. Despite age diversity, most workers have specific needs in common: workplace flexibility, fairness, advancement opportunities, and a sense of meaning in their work.

A recent Gallup poll suggests that these needs are failing to be met across the board. This and other factors contribute to a culture of "job-hopping" among younger employees, and it has workplaces scrambling to keep their best talent.

To help retain employees, workplaces are encouraged to make certain adjustments to their culture:

  1. Help employees feel themselves a part of a meaningful company mission.
  2. Create transparency between employees and executives.
  3. Encourage questions, curiosity, and ownership with the ranks.
  4. Provide accommodation for work flexibility and workers' personal lives.

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