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Health Management: A Smarter Approach to Healthcare

Posted by Jeremy Cavness on October 27, 2015

Health Management: A Smarter Approach to Healthcare | Jeremy Cavness | HR Insights blog by CareATC, Inc.Businesses around the country are losing money, providing healthcare benefits that go unused. 

It's not that the benefits are junk... Far from it — smoking cessation and personalized nutrition counseling are both valuable and desirable.

But such programs are poorly introduced to employees in many cases, usually due to outmoded onboarding models.

In a typical workplace environment, employees are gathered one day a year and given a heavy, complicated packet of information about complex healthcare provisions.

Information available online is often similarly difficult to access and digest. It turns out that the problem may be one of presentation.

As healthcare management solutions become more complex, employees are finding it easier to access healthcare benefit information at one intuitive, digital location. Personalized data, goal setting, and educational resources are available to all workers.

Such systems are proving their worth: increasing utilization and saving money through increase in preventative wellness.

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