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High Job Openings & Lower Hiring Suggest Skills Mismatch

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on November 30, 2015

High Job Openings & Lower Hiring Suggest Skills Mismatch | Ginger Sullivan | HR Insights blog by CareATC, Inc.There were 5.5 million jobs open in the United States this September, the best month for job openings since 2000.

Nonetheless, national hiring rates dropped in September, with half a million of these job opportunities left unfilled. 

This trend includes industries as diverse as insurance and mining.

A gap between job type and available skill set may be to blame. Some industries have simply grown faster than the educational programs in which their future employees are trained.

It's a sticky situation for employers and job candidates alike, and it's one drawing attention in the media and on the Presidential campaign trail. 

Read full article at US News & World Report.

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