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Hotline Turf War: Compliance or HR’s Territory?

Posted by Wendy White on December 8, 2015

Every company – whether healthcare, defense contracting, publicly traded equities, or international trade – must have a corporate compliance program.

Compliance programs are required to feature annual training for all employees, an anonymous hotline, and promotion/enforcement of a code of ethics.

In many ways, Compliance and HR have the same goals in mind, but they don't always cooperate intentionally (or at all).

This can leave the Compliance department in an awkward situation: enforcing corporate policies without the experience to do so effectively or graciously.

Though there is some overlap in function between Compliance and Human Resources, company culture will only be damaged if both parties don't achieve cooperative harmony.

This includes collaboration on employee training, working together on issues that come up during hotline calls, and mutual crafting of a comprehensible code of ethics. 

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Wendy White

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