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How Should Employers Respond to an Employee Diagnosed with Cancer?

Posted by Wendy White on June 7, 2016

How Should Employers Respond to an Employee Diagnosed with Cancer? | Wendy White | HR Insights blog by CareATC, Inc.According to a recent survey, 71% of HR professionals have no policy for employees diagnosed with cancer. Because of the diversity of cancer cases, this leaves a lot of decisions to be made on the spot.

What about recovering patients who want to return to work after a lengthy absence? What about cancer prevention and preventive screening?

HR managers surveyed disagree about whether the employer should even know about a cancer diagnosis. Respondents were divided nearly 50/50.

A cancer diagnosis is a crisis situation, and decisions made in these moments will be emotional. With improving survival rates and treatment methods, it's important for HR to create specific policy.

Currently, managers have to "think on their feet," and careful planning will make an employee cancer policy that is consistent, calm, and compassionate.

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