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How Teens are Changing the World of Workplace Benefits

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on May 4, 2016

7885047912_7c0cf4ef9c_z.jpgJust when you thought you were getting used to the Millennial generation, there's another generation (with a catchy name not yet set in stone) entering the workplace right behind them.

That's right. Teenagers are entering the workforce. Born right on the cusp of the new Millennium, these kiddos don't have even the foggiest recollection of the pre-internet days, unlike their older siblings the Millennials.

The ripples they're making through workplace benefits policies are just as ground-shaking, however, and in somewhat the same style.

Today's youngest workers want a job that makes them better: more skilled, more variously qualified, and more confident for everything future life holds. They also want more independence, through workplace flexibility and free time away from work.

Most significantly, they want to pay off their student loans fast, and many take it for granted that an employer will help in this way. Check out the linked article to see how young Millennials and yet-to-be-labeled teenagers are transforming employee benefits and company culture.

Read full article at MediaPost.

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