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HR Managers Spend Two Days a Week on Admin

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on April 5, 2016

HR Managers Spend Two Days a Week on Admin | Ginger Sullivan | HR Insights blog by CareATC, Inc.There are many great things that might attract someone to a career in HR management. Admin chore drudgery probably isn't one of them.

Today's HR managers are spending 2 of 5 workdays on admin, and it's a drain on the entire department's efficiency. Onboarding alone can require ten or more interactions, at five different departments, and is one of many processes that could be automated to save time and frustration.

In the coming years, outdated manual processes will be replaced with automated services, freeing HR to focus on the human element once again. That's Human Resources' intended function after all: a focus on people, not the performance of repetitive processes.

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