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Is Self-Care a Key to Increasing Workplace Productivity?

Posted by Carah Counts on December 9, 2015

Is Self-Care a Key to Increasing Workplace Productivity? | Carah Counts | HR Insights blog by CareATC, Inc.Workplace wellness programs have been one of the major HR stories of 2015. But there is only so much a workplace can do to promote employee health.

In order to realize the savings that come from a healthy workforce, businesses must see their workers take healthy living and self-treatment options into their own hands. The linked article demonstrates how common, treatable ailments like acid reflux add up to huge productivity losses nationwide.

One study estimates that poor self-care drains the economy of $150 billion each year. Simple healthy activities and proper use of over-the-counter medications can help employees spend less time at the doctor and less time recovering from illness.

Read full article at Review Journal.

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