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It's Better to Avoid a Toxic Employee Than Hire a Superstar

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on January 19, 2016

It's Better to Avoid a Toxic Employee Than Hire a Superstar | Ginger Sullivan | HR Insights blog by CareATC, Inc.Much is made about workplace superstars who may be (depending on who you believe) the cause of 80% of a business's profits.

Whatever feats this elite class of employee is actually capable of, they command a lot in terms of industry respect, compensation, and the advantages of desirability to many employers.

But according to Harvard research, Toxic employees have more bearing on a company's success than the stars do.

Toxic employees are responsible for big problems: theft, harassment, violence, fraud. Between legal and turnover costs, a toxic employee ends up costing a company more than twice what a superstar adds to the bottom line. Because both toxic and superstar employees can look the same on paper (confidence, drive), it's important for HR to read between the lines, as well as pay close attention to attrition data from previous employment.

Read full article at Harvard Business Review.

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