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Men Missing From Workforce May Not Come Back

Posted by Jeremy Cavness on September 17, 2015

Men Missing From Workforce May Not Come Back | Jeremy Cavness | HR Insights blog by CareATC, Inc.As the nation has recovered from the Recession of 2008, millions of those laid off have not returned to the work force. This trend is seen most starkly among prime age men who are not looking for a job in record numbers.

Many of these individuals lack higher education. With part-time hours limited, and manufacturing and construction jobs still lacking, this trend is not likely to reverse anytime soon.

Because the American unemployment rate does not take into account those not looking for work, many economists believe that the level is much higher than the 5.1% that government numbers would suggest.

Though worrisome, this low workforce participation rate flies in the face of an otherwise recovering economy. But part of the decline may be due to aging individuals who lost their jobs in 2008, just as they were preparing for retirement.

Furthermore, delayed entry into the workforce due to college, as well as a surge in freelance positions, makes the traditional workforce difficult to accurately guage. Still, at the center of all this is a distinct decline in workforce participation among men.

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