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More Than 1/3 of Men Won't Take Parental Leave Out of Career Fears

Posted by Wendy White on June 27, 2016

More Than 1/3 of Men Won't Take Parental Leave Out of Career Fears | Wendy White | HR Insights blog by CareATC, Inc.More American companies are starting to offer paid parental leave for mothers and fathers. Notable examples include Etsy and Netflix, the latter of which offers a full paid year to new parents.

And while this is a great victory for working parents, studies show that men are less likely to take advantage of parental leave than women.

Deloitte found that 36% of men feared the loss of their position if they were to take time off for a new baby. 57% expressed that if they were to take the time off, they feared they'd look like they weren't committed to their work.

More than 64% of men strongly support parental leave – they just might not be willing to take advantage of it themselves.

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