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Should Managers Get to Approve Internal Transfers?

Posted by Ginger Sullivan on March 8, 2016

Should HR Managers Get to Approve Internal Transfers? | Ginger Sullivan | HR Insights blog by CareATC, Inc.In a conversation between two great HR minds, we get to mull over the question of HR approval for internal transfers.

It is traditional for companies to give an employee's direct manager the final call, when it comes to question of transfer to another department.

But it is increasingly common for Human Resources to have a seat at the table.

In some cases, a manager who denies an internal transfer request will drive the employee to another job at another company! HR is positioned to help minimize these occurrences. But department managers may feel that they shouldn't have to ask HR for permission to allow or deny these requests. 

One Forbes blogger suggests that individual managers should be able to accept or deny HR approval of internal transfer requests. But, she says that these preferences should be publicly known, so that new employees can decide whether or not they want to work under a manager who may make career moves difficult.

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