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The 4 "C's" of Employee Benefits Technology

Posted by Jeremy Cavness on January 26, 2016

317961215_a74fae56ed_z.jpgEmployment culture is evolving fast on a global scale. Employee benefits technology is just one facet among many, but it's one that 41% of companies will be spending more money on in 2016.

With so many possible technologies to spend money on, how can a business be sure that a piece of benefits tech will be worth the investment?

The following article has some helpful (and alliterative) hints to help you out.

  1. Employers need to realize that workers look at jobs as a consumer decision: one that fits into their sense of convenience, identity, and value. Benefits tech should reflect this.
  2. As compliance with federal guidelines becomes a more stringent requirement, employers should invest in tech that makes it easier to meet deadlines and avoid penalties.
  3. Any technology systems should do certain jobs (listed in the article) for a certain cost.
  4. Any benefits tech should feed into a robust and dynamic company culture

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