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The Big Loophole in Some Workplace Health Plans

Posted by Wendy White on February 8, 2016

The Big Loophole in Some Workplace Health Plans | Wendy White | HR Insights blogLawyers continue to bicker about the ACA's requirements for employer health plans. The latest item on the table: Outpatient Surgery.

Outpatient procedures don't require a patient to stay overnight. They comprise 2/3 of all surgical procedures, and include common operations like hernia and bone fracture repair.

However, outpatient surgeries can still cost $10,000 or more. And many employer health plans don't cover them.

Last year "skinny plans" were in the news because of non-covered INpatient surgeries. After some time in the courts, inpatient procedures are required for all employer health plans.

Industry analysts think the the same will soon be true for outpatient surgeries. While this added provision may prove ethical (and necessary, if some companies want to avoid ACA penalties), it's yet another challenge piled on employers trying to provide good healthcare packages that are also affordable.

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